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In 1998, a law of equal rights for people with disabilities was enacted, by virtue of which various regulations were established designed to enable the equal and active integration of people with disabilities into society in all areas of life.
A visit to the Perna restaurant   entertainment that realizes the spirit of the legislator, with the belief that every person deserves the right to live in equality, dignity, comfort and independence.

As service providers, we aspired to provide an experience that brings together the general public and in particular people with disabilities.

In general, the internet is currently the largest repository for freedom of information for all its users, and users with disabilities in particular. The experience of going to a restaurant begins on its website. In order to enable the provision of efficient, equal and respectful service to all our customers, we consider it important to provide equal opportunity to people with disabilities to use the information displayed on the website, and to enable a better browsing experience.


052-3105723 For any questions and requests related to accessibility, contact Eric



Parana Acre

✔ Accessible parking in the complex

✔ Services for the disabled - in the restaurant

✔ Accessible furniture


✔ Inspiration loop

✔ Providing service without waiting in line

✔ Arriving in an accessible way to the restaurant - an accessible sequence

✔ Accessible front door

✔ Enlarged text menu

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