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The meeting between Israel and Italy created the correct formula from all aspects - simplicity alongside the quality of raw materials at the highest level  in front of attractive prices and plenty for the customer. פורמט תפעולי קל ונוח לעבודה, עיצוב  מודרני  לצד תפריט המוצע ללקוח במחירים   אטרקטיביים,קונספט יחודי , The young atmosphere
. A well-oiled and operated marketing system 

We have been open for ten years.  After dozens of requests to expand, we decided to open the business  for franchising 

To maintain the quality of the brand and the good name we have created for us. The recruitment of the operators who have experience in the field of restaurants, and who have the desire  to develop with us, grow and succeed. In the franchising process, we accompany the franchisee along the entire    road 
So - if entrepreneurship, love of people and love of the culinary world  flows in your veins and you strive for success and challenging and rewarding work   

. Join us in the Perna family

פרנה כתבה
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